Friday, December 3, 2010


I realize the economy is in the shitter, and we blame Bush, the Republicans, the over-paid CEOs, Wall Street, and well, everyone except ourselves.

I try to steer clear of political posts, my opinion is one of a kind. Balanced on a wall, refusing to take sides.

The fact is America must have an IQ average of 79 points. They are idiots.

Are you seriously telling me Bush, the Republicans, the over-paid CEOs, or Wall Street, made a huge majority of America spend beyond their means? Houses quite litterally sometimes 100,000$+ out of your price range, because house values ALWAYS go up. Cars, clothes, shoes (me), toys.

Sure, we are all gullible, and sucked in by hype. We can totally live our lives on revolving credit. Nobody really ever has to PAY for those choices.

First the banks crumble. Honestly we should have let them. This should have stopped right there. They built empires balancing revolving credit. They funded loans that, in all reality, could never be paid. I'm not a historian, but I kind of feel like we should have learned something from the Great Depression. Or maybe even Shakespeare. "Neither borrower nor lender be.". Whatever, bygones, it's done.

So the banks crumble. With it go the jobs of those employed by the banks. Next go the over-extended businesses over-funded by the banks, and the jobs of those employed there.

Suddenly there is a large portion of 79 IQ point averages mindlessly wandering around America jobless and whining about how they are not taken care of. Government HAS to step in, it would be inhuman not to. Government has a responsibility to Joe and Jane Q Public. Really, that's what it's there for.

Government turns around and bails out the banks. Not all the banks, just the ones it likes. The way to fix the economy is to restore the core problem. OF COURSE IT IS.

Now we can spend again, all is right with the world. Except all those people in the middle from the over-extended companies still have no jobs since no one helped them.

All the other borderline over-extended companies tighten their purse strings because they know their taxes are going to increase. They cut pay, they cut work force, they extend credit where ever possible to survive. They brace for the piper, because they have an IQ above 79, and they know someone will have to pay the piper.

Government sees that saving the banks was a bad idea, or at least not a good one. Restoring the root of the problem shockingly quantified the problem. But now they are too deep. Now big companies that extended credit are also failing. There is no demand, or where there is demand there is no money.

Government bails out the auto industry (except Ford, who saw, and fixed the problems before hand). Government puts out cash for clunkers. If we PAY the 79 IQ points wandering around jobless, they can contribute to the solution by SPENDING.

Now those jobless wandering masses have run out of hope, and they are about to run out of benefits. Government has a responsibility to J&J Public, so they extend benefits.

So on and so forth to today. Government has spent trillions plugging leaks on a sinking tugboat, when Government should have simply bought a shiny new yacht.

Government shouldn't have bailed out banks, the banks should have failed. The Government should have bailed out those businesses in the middle. The ones keeping local economies going. Not by handing them anything, but by increasing grants, and protecting them from the failing banks by extending the chapter 13 bankruptcy (which is a stall more then a fail).

The Government should not have extended unemployment. People can not get jobs to pay what they want. Its more economical to stay home and collect a check that is more then if they took what they could get.

Unemployment should have been revamped. People should be allowed to work, and collect unemployment. They should be evaluated on what they should be making using a complicated formula that factors both education and experience into the equation, and they should have been paid that. Then when they take a job, the differece should be paid by unemployment. Not being productive in a society you have trained and worked for kills the soul. Sitting home watching soap operas has to kill IQ points. Maybe you started off at 130, but after a year of soul & mind sucking, your probably down to contributing to the 79 IQ average.

The government should have tightened the purse strings, not loosened them. When times are tough, you don't empty your savings account to buy shoes, you save more and only buy essentials. Why should the government run differently? It just doesn't make any sense.

It's not a Democratic or Republican problem, (giant) mistakes have been made accross the board, and there are so many more in the works.

If government feels the overwhelming need to spend irrationally, they should simply give the money back to the tax-payers. If the government is just throwing this money around shouldn't we, in all honesty, stand up and say stop? Clearly we have overpaid our taxes. Not just the rich people either, everyone has to have overpaid.

Well, that about sums it up. Not really of course, but my fingers are tired.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello world

Well, I road tripped last weekend. I didn't go to Vegas. If you know me, you know I have been kinda stuck on repeat for a long time. Well, I decided to break out and do something new, so I drove. I hit Idaho (quickly), and then Montana. Idaho is beautiful, and I usually get stuck there. I had it in my head to go to Big Sky/Bozeman though, so I blew through Idaho. I made it West Yellowstone and considered staying there. It was still pretty light though, so I pressed on. Here's what I encountered next:

It was so beautiful it took my breath away.

I made it to Big Sky, but I didn't really have a plan from there. It was dark, and there were lots of animals on the road, so I decided to stay the night in the parking lot of the Half Moon Saloon. Of course I went in and became a regular first.

(day 2 continues)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving ahead

Well, last time I wrote, which was a while ago, I told you all about I rediscovered passion of mine. Well, I am happy to report that I am pursueing that passion along with my 8 yo daughter Alexia. We have opened an Etsy shop. Http:// We created a Twitter for it @AngelOneDesigns and have started a blog for it as well I will create a facebook next, but a girl only has so many hours!

Please follow us on Twitter, heart us on Etsy, and read our blog. If you really want to make it all worth it, buy something. (ha ha little joke there)

If you like what you see, but want something different, please send us an email

Much love, and thanks for the support!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh Ideas

Not that many of you know this about me, but I spent my youth dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. I went so far as to apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I didn’t get in, but I did get to the portfolio stage. Three of my designs are hanging on my bedroom wall. That’s as far as my fame got lol. I decided to come home to Utah (I was living in Pennsylvania), and study acting. Long story short, I eventually traded all my dreams in for motherhood. That may sound harsh, but really, that’s the truth of it. I really lost who I was.

Today was a very productive day in the job I hate. The baby was with her dad, and my 8 was at school, so I pounded out as much work as I possibly could.

Some of you may know I have been tossing around the idea of a farmer’s market this summer and not completely sure of what I would sell if I did. I decided against it, but the very idea has released my pent up creative juices. My sister opened a craft supply store in WI, and so we bat around ideas. She called me towards the end of my day, and got me thinking some more. I decided I wanted to make Tulle tutus, hair bows, aprons, and many other things. Well, I do not have an endless supply of money, and I closed all my credit some time ago, so if I don’t have it I can’t spend it. Anyway, I decided I would start with tulle crap, as I can get very creative, and it is on the cheaper end. So, I went in search of the best tulle deals out there. I decided to buy a giant amount of white and a large amount of black to start. I can dye the white, while it will be time consuming, I won’t be stuck with a ton of stuff I can’t use. Then I started searching for patterns, and ideas, and man did I find them. Most of what I loved is a bit out of my league right now, but I’m a very quick learner, so I will keep sketching the ideas until I am ready to bring them to life. To start I am going to make pettiskirts, tutus, and canopies. I am thinking more toward the tweens with the canopies. So for a reading corner, or a desk, ect…. Then, somehow, I stumbled on a hat. A very pretty hat. Too fancy for Utah, but I don’t think that would stop me. I decided I want to make hats. Apparently, it is becoming a lost art (probably because few people wear them), but they are so creative and fun. I found a hat making (Millinery) course in OR, and perhaps this fall I can figure out a way to go. They have shoe making as well. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with shoes, and making them would be oh so fun!

So clearly I am getting ahead of myself, and my day is from Hell again tomorrow, so I won’t be able to attack this plan with any force. I will place the order for the tulle, and hopefully, by the time it arrives, I will still have zeal…. Ha, ha, humble beginnings.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello World

Hello there world!

I know, I don't blog as much as I used to, but, I'm working on it. I am up to alot of good stuff lately, and I am enjoying 2010 to it's fullest so far. I hope you are too!

I just got back from a trip to California where I played in the LA Poker Classic 1,000,000 gauenteed event. It was way out of my bankroll, but it was my birthday present from my parents, so I gave it my best shot. I had butterflies before I got there, but once I sat down I was in the groove, and I played the best, most solid game I ever have. I was out lucked, so that was all she wrote. I ran my Pocket Kings into Pocket Queens, but he got to a straight that cut my stack in half. My last hand was AK against AQ with AQ on the flop. Happy Birthday to me.... Anyway, my parents showed up to rail me (a little late) so we went and learned Commerce's version of 3 card poker. Once we figured out all the differences, it was a lot of fun. Luck was not on my side that day (it seems to run in 24 hour cycles for me), so I just watched my dad gamble my way into day 1b. He wanted to stake me, so we made a 50/50 deal, and I proceeded to get get very tipsy for my birthday after that. We went to Noe in Hollywood, and it was very yummy, with excellent service. I vaugly recall some sort of puff pastry that was described as tasting like "old mans ball sac", and after eating it, think it was a fairly acccurate description.... Other then that, dinner was DELICIOUS.

My parents dropped me off and I got a room for the night, slept in, and showed up in day before makeup and no brushed hair, which I actually pulled off surprisingly well. I played terrible, and busted out, convincing myself I really should wait until I properly build the bankroll up, before entering again. I went down and played 3 card for a bit, made a grand, played a little entertaing, but not successfull poker next to a VERY hot guy I hope to run into again someday, and went home. Happy and financially ahead (since I didn't lose my money lol).

My parents decided to go to the Barrett-Jackson auction, and since nobody was gonna be there, I decided I would just go to Vegas the next day. I got luck and caught on of the very few on time flights out of LAX and arrived in Vegas. Found the fastest cab driver on the planet, prop bet him on the time to the hotel (he beat it by 3 min.), and had the slowest casino invited guest check ins of all time. Made it to my room, changed, freshened make up, and made it to the Mirage 5 minutes late for the 7:00 bounty. I registered with my buddy Phil, and we both went deep, but not deep enough. He doubled up on his first hand, and I doubled up on the third hand, so we both got off to good starts. Mine was miraculous bussted Aces. He made a standard, proper, "I've got a top pair raise", I decided to call with my pocet 7's. There was one other caller, and the flop came 237 rainbow. I shoved, Aces snap call, pocket 3's folded. my set held. woo hoo. I left him 500 to play with, and he doubled up on every hand he played for a while after that, and actually went deep. I only know that cause pocket 3's told me when he was moved to my table. I played 99 percent of this game SO great, and 10% (as soon as I got big stacked) like total shit. I went from big stack to bust in about 5 hands. Talk about tilt geeze!

Anyway, we busted, then scooted to Sahara for the 11:00. My favorite tourny appears to have gone to complete shit. It's like they got new chips and then everyone quite showing up. Im probably going to skip it next time I hit town. Anyway, we both did terrible quickly there and headed to Aria for some cash. I love this poker room, but I am deathly allergic to the chairs. It's worth it for the poker though. I lost 175 on my first hand when I ran my 2 pairs into a flopped boat. Oooops. He was nice enough to (purposely) not take all my money, and I took a while to try to make it back. There were three fish at the table if you count me, but I slowly worked my way out of minnowhood, and back to the respectful end of poker in the 5 hours we were there. I learned alot in that game, and ended up making most of my money back. I actually managed to figure out a few leaks in my game that I had no idea about, and I fixed those. All in all it was just good solid fun. I got two hours of sleep before I had to check out, then I went and tooled around the MGM until my flight. That in a nutshell (BIG Nutshell) was my Birthday week.

I was so glad to get home, and get the kids back, and sleep in my own bed, you have no idea.

Well, now I have gone and submitted a casting call for Survivor. I'm not completly sure why, but I think I would really love the challenge. The audio sucks though. Go check it out, and give it love, even if you have to fake it (please, pretty please).

My Casting Call

Friday, January 1, 2010

relationships in poker terms

Okay, I guess I have been wanting to write a blog profiling my relationships in poker terms for quite a while now.

Here's the low down. I have played my relationship hands in an incrediblby fishy way. Pocket dueces against AK pot comitted type of fishy. Chasing gut shots to the river, and then pouting cause I lost the pot kinda fishy.

Oddly, as I have journeyed to a tighter more aggressive poker game, I have done the same thing in my personal life. I have not been playing marginal hands. I may limp in the occasional 9 10 from the big blind, and lose a little calling a raise on a 10 high board to pocket J's, but I am never too pot commited to fold. I try to know when I am beat before putting my purse in the pot. On the flip side, I am learning (much harder) how to commit to the best hand on a scary board.

So, here is the hand I am playing now. Idiot end of an open ended straight flush draw. I'm not too pot commited to fold, but I am fairly sure given the 1 outer, I could have the nuts. I have 2 outers really, but the other could give someone a higher straight flush (and that gets pretty expensive, I know from experience lol) Also ANY flush may be enough, as very possibly nobody else has two hearts in play, and may just be playing for the straight. So, the crossroads question here is: Smooth call, raise, or fold. My choice is smooth call. If the board were farther away from nuts, I would raise, just to test where everyone else is. If I do hit the nuts, I want somebody betting into me.

This is really where I am struggling in both my relationships, and my poker game right now. Proper play after the flop. I know this is where I get railroaded and make the wrong decisions. I'm playing the right hands, but after I double up a couple times, everyone know exactly what I am playing, and I have a really hard time chiping up. If I am in it after a raise, I am either all ready WAY ahead of you,or I need one of several (always obvious) cards to be WAY ahead of you. I think it's time I learn to bluff. I know it's time I learn to bluff. Guess I better buy some more books LOL.

How would you play this hand? Take the poll on the right and weigh in!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life marches on

So, it’s been a while (which is how I start my blogs apparently), and I have been remise in my blogging. I’ve been remise in everything lately really. Allergy season. Twice a year at two months a piece, I am devastatingly miserable, and accomplish very little.

So I am selling my house. If I can ever get it clean enough to put on the market that is… I am not getting it done fast enough, and it is really weighing on me. I don’t HAVE to sell my house though, but that seems to be the general perception. I can afford my house; I just can’t keep up with it. I think maybe because I work from home I have actually grown to HATE my house. This sucks because it is actually a very nice house. Anyway, enough of that. I did get my essay turned in for the house in Idaho. I combined the two, and I think it turned out very well. I will post it soon. I don’t think they will get enough entries, and they had changed it from an essay to a photograph, so that doesn’t seem like a good sign. I had already put a photo in the essay, so I just left it as is. Either way I am pretty proud of it.

I get so bogged down this time of year because there is so much going on, and the money seems to go out faster than it comes in. I am now broke because I took it upon myself to pay two smaller credit cards off, and if I’m not sure I can afford to without using them again…. Endless cycle, but if I can just restrain myself, I can get it done. It means eating in, and not buying things I only want, but don’t really need.

My daughter has apparently misunderstood this. She has taken it upon herself to decide that cutting back means we are broke, and she got really freaked out about it. I guess I should have seen it coming last night when she started asking me money questions. Out of the blue she thanked me for all her extracurricular activities. She said she really appreciated all of the stuff I let her do, and she new they cost a lot of money. I said thank you that was very nice of her. Then she talked about how expensive the ski team was. I told her yes, it was very expensive, and if I had to pay for it she wouldn’t be able to do it. I told her she needed to do something special for her grandpa to thank him for paying for her to be on the team. Then she asked me how much the house cost, and I said a lot, but it was really none of her business. Well somehow she took this all in and decided we were broke. Guess we will have to sit down and really discuss it, since we are fine, just a little tight (self imposed), and selling the house has nothing to do with money. I should have remembered from the 50/50 custody calamity last year. She understood it in her little head as Marissa spending the first half of her life with her dad, and the second half with us. I had some explaining to do LOL.

Our schedule is insane right now. Tuesday’s we have ice skating, then dry land for ski team. Wednesday we have ice skating, and Thursday we have soccer then dry land. Saturdays are soccer for now, then in December go to ski team. Not to mention she is competing in ice skating in November so she will have more Ice practice jammed in there somewhere…. Then she has an Ice show in December too. Whew, who knew mothering a prolific genius was so much work ha ha ha.

I am still playing poker, but really not well lately. I’ve been to Vegas a few more times, but won’t be going back until Oct. I will probably stay a week for my official vacation, and then won’t get back until spring (big frowny face). Of course maybe I shouldn’t spend the money at all and just stay home….. I have been planning the trip with friends all year though, and we have shows planned. Of course my main action item was the Jimmy Buffett concert, and he has apparently cancelled all of the California/Nevada shows, so now I can take it or leave it….

Well now, aren’t you glad you waited around on pins and needles for that blog?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Not another poker blog...

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, just to write, so I decided I better give it a go. Let’s say it’s on my GIANT list of to dos….

I’ve been pretty busy putting things off lately. I decided to sell my house, regardless of how the essay contest goes, the fact of the matter is: I don’t like it here. If I don’t win the house, and the chances are really slim they will even have enough entries, I will probably stay in this general area, just probably not Ogden. I am going to buy a condo in Vegas, cause I think it’s just stupid not to. All the time I spend out there, I may just keep it for me. If I sell my house, keeping a place there and here would be simple. Or I can rent it out, or just rent it on a vacation basis. Whatever, it’s a good decision. Ten years from now it will triple in value, so it’s stupid not to.

I love it when random people tell me I’ve made them laugh. I love to make people laugh, so that’s really one of my favorite things to hear.

I was told Sat that my kindness was only surpassed by my beauty. I got to say, that’s as smooth as it gets. I don’t care if he was late eighties that made my month.

I played a big home game (two homes) tournament Saturday. It was a lot of fun, great people, and I love playing with them. If I had won it would be among my favorite tourney’s ever. I didn’t win though. I made a dumb ass call, you know the kind. The kind where you make it, even though you know that you are beat, because one card will make you nuts. Ummmm I think they call that fishy. The guy wasn’t even that good (kind of a total dink I thought), on his end it was a dumb ass shove. It didn’t take him too long to donk off the chip lead I gave him, which is probably the part that chaps my hide…. I played cash after that. I did good in the mixed games for a bit, then took a brutal beat. The kind of I’m totally trapped, but I can’t get outta it, but I should cause I know I’m trapped, kinda beat. Obviously I didn’t get out of it. Nice friendly game my ass lol. Then I left the mixed games and switched to NLHE, but by then I only had 60 bucks left. I fought hard with it, and on the very last hand of the night I brought it all the way up to 12 less then what I walked in with. Considering I bought dinner and new cards for my poker set, it actually turned out to be a tiny profit. Gosh it was fun though.

I’d love to head back to Vegas this weekend, but I better not. I really need to stick around hear and get stuff done so I can get my house sold. The flights available are pretty good though….. Damn. No no no no. Hopefully I can get into Ryan’s game Friday so I don’t have to drive to SLC to play poker lol. I really like playing with almost everyone that plays here locally (I have a bone to pick with the guy that spanked me in the mixed, but he’s still nice enough), and they are all so good. They aren’t pros, but a few of them should be. I think it takes a lot of guts to be a pro poker player. I have brass balls (I keep them in my dresser drawer at night), but I may lack the guts…. I need about five more years of really solid play to decide if I can acquire the skills I need. So I will continue to play whenever I can (as long as I have a bankroll left), and build the skills. The fact is I love to play, and my family and friends are not completely unsupportive (hell dad foots the plane tickets ((thanks dad, love ya!))).

I know you all live for my tiny little WTF moment, so here it is.

This is Chaise(?) I think. He dropped his jaw open every time he semi bluffed. It was hilarious! He never really bluffed though, so you had to be careful. His semi bluffs were most often the nuts, he was a pretty tight player, but he didn’t have the balls to commit to a hand so he busted out.

I tweeted that he dropped his jaw Napoleon Dynamite style, and a pic was requested. He caught me, but it was worth it. Besides he was too mousey to object….

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dearest Poker

Dearest Poker:

I know we have a love hate relationship, and I think if we are to continue our little tug of war, you may need to quite with the Jack. You can be a K or bring home all the Queens you would like, It's aces to me even if you show up with a 52 (cause I just learned the odds of that hand against an AK lol), but leave the Jack at the bar where it belongs. In fact, everytime I see Jack, I kinda want to pray to the porcelin god myself.

No, really, all kidding aside you can Keep your Jack and I will raise you two tequila's w/lime. Cause next time you raise BEFORE we get to me, you'll find me at the bar cause I'm folding baby.

Little side note my sneakey friend, I heard 8's are the new Ace's, dress appropriately.

Love your passisive aggressive but faithfull servent,


Friday, July 17, 2009

Essay Contest

I have written two essays and will be entering one to try to win a house in Idaho. There are no specifics to the essay contest aside from word count. The guideline is "why you feel the owners should give you their house", and the Essays are being judged by local college English students.

I have room to grow (word wise) on both essays, and take constructive criticism very well.

I am challenging (hoping) you to read both Essays and vote on the one you feel has the best change of winning. The Voting is on the right of this entry. Please email me your suggestions on changes to I will be taking votes and suggestions until August 7th 2009.

Thanks so much in advance on all of your help!

Essay #1
Essay #2

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So, I joined Pokerspace today. There are tons of great tools on there, so I wanted to share it. Plus it seems to be a social site too, so if you join, or already have, friend me lol. AngelOne is my user name.

I also joined, so if you are female, come join. Lots of woman, and private games, so fun.

I joined as well, and love this forum.

I am still new to forums, so I am kinda just stumbling around blindfolded. Pokerspace is more of a huge social site, with lots of tools and ways to earn points. I challenge you to the riddles. Holy headach Batman!

I know this is not a clickable link. Please click the title of this blog, as that link works.

So anyway, there you have it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Electronic Media

Well, well, well. Aren't you the silliest girl in town? (internal dialogue).

Externally, I am just so happy to have so many more ways to embarrass myself.

As if the telephone, and basic writing tablet (yes, even personalized stationary) were not enough. Now I have text, email, myspace, facebook, and twitter. I have blogging. I have the option of combining any, and sometimes all of these to make an epic fool of myself.

Remember drunk dialing. The best friend calls at 3 am, the family calls you could never live down? The occasional ex "closure" call, or the crush "we were meant for each other" call? Well, it's bigger and better than ever now!

We have all had our share of electronic rants. Well maybe not all, some people have restraint. Some people are still blissfully in the dark ages... I wish I was sometimes.

It was only a month or so ago, I had myself a little drunk twitterfest. Who knew two glasses of wine could knock me on my ass like that! I am still embarrassed completely, but hey, what are you going to do.

I have learned self control. When there is alcohol involved, I think your computer is as dangerous (if not more so) than your car. I try to lock everything up. My iphone has made that very hard.... (hence drunk twitterfest).

It truly does not help me that sarcasm does not translate very well when written. If you read me with anything other than a sarcastic tone, you are usually (not always) missing the tone. I have tried to reform, but the fact of the matter is, I just don't get what I am doing wrong.

Well enough of that. I really have to get back to work now.

In a completely unrelated way, here is a pic.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I know, it's redundant. Vegas. Again.

So yeah, Vegas again. I had a pretty rigorous poker schedule worked out, and it went well enough. I won two tournaments, and took third in one. No chopped pots (which I loathe unless there is NO chance I'm gonna win LOL).

I played the Binions classic, and got booted 75 of 217 (Sucked out by a total nincompoop I might add), Played the grand (badly), played the Binions again (worse then the Grand). My first pro sat down next to me (Susie Isaac's), the one day I DIDN'T wear a hat lol.

After playing the Binion's game totally tilted I ditched poker and decided on fun instead. I played blackjack for a while, and came across a group of very interesting, and friendly Montana boys (men really). After a couple of hours of that they talked me into joining them for dinner. We got a limo and headed up to the Blue Martini. If you haven't been there, well neither have I, so I guess we might not be missing much lol. It was closed for a private concert, so we mozzied over to the Cadillac Ranch instead. They had a bull. I think you may see where this is going....

So I was wearing a dress, but since everybody else had done it, and they were nice enough to loan me shorts (at the table), I just had too. It's been a few years since I mounted something that unpredictable, and I am happy to report I did very well. Even my dismount was graceful. Seriously TOO MUCH FUN.

The rest of the night involved more Black Jack (bad idea), more booze (good idea), more limo (who can say no to that), Piano bar at New York/New York (one of my favs), strip walking (not one of my favs cause I wear VERY high heals), and making it back to Golden Nugget in time for poker (completely untilted). I had kind of a rough start to that game. Spilling my coffee first on myself, then on the table, but the table change was fortuitous, and some of them were asking me to spill coffee on them.....

I thought that was all great, but there was one casualty of war. My iphone. Apparently, iphones don't drink coffee. So I had to buy a new one, and I lost all my pictures. Words can not even describe how frustrated I was with AT&T.

Funny story though. Went to Apple in Ceasers. Cute little guy helping me was trying so hard, but there was nothing to be done. I told him I had won the poker tournament, but my phone had lost the battle. He got SOOOO excited. He shook my hand, and told me what an honor it was to be serving me, and how proud he was of me (reminded me of my military days). I realized he thought I won THE tournament. While I would love to win THE tournament, I am nowhere near good enough, and it would be stupid opponent frustrating luck, if I did. Anyway, I didn't have the heart to tell him, so I just let him replace my phone (he couldn't comp it? Come on Apple!) I did not get the new one because it would have cost me 600 bucks. I should have not replaced it at all, since I ended up losing everything anyway. I should have just switched to Verizon who has better service anyway, and no problems with tethering... But that's a whole other conversation.

After the bull riding incident (morning after), I have a renewed commitment to getting back in shape. So body sculpt at Golds here I come (since I have a membership and all). OOhhhh, I am going to HATE myself for the next month...... LOL, then it will be good.

I want to leave you with my only in Vegas picture, but I lost them all. So I will leave you with my Gus Hansen shot. It wasn't supposed to be a Gus Hansen shot, but he saw the camera aimed at him, and was holding a pose for me, so it would have been very rude not to make it my Gus Hansen shot.

Friday, June 19, 2009

So anyway, I was just thinking out loud (in my head), about the whole economy situation. I realize alot of my views may not be so popular. You have to realize no matter how things are now, I will do whatever it takes for my family.

I'm not going green for Iran. Close your ears. They are a fucking TERRORIST state, in fact, they very possibly invented the terrorist, so no, I'm not signing up. I'm sorry if you are having trouble, but really, so are we, and we should concentrate on that.

I love to help out my fellow man. If you are the smoking guy in the parking lot who tells me you need 10 dollars to get a room cause the shelters been full for the last three nights, I don't care what the weather is, I will give you my last twenty. If you are the little lady down the street stuggling to bring our garbage cans in, I will pull over as quick as I can to do it for you. I won't just write some randome check, I will physically do whatever I can for you. I was raised by a struggling construction worker. I know how to be happy poor. That contruction worker made it really, Really well for himself, so I also know how to live well. I don't care.

I think I am special that way, and I try to instill that into my children. Money is money, it does not contain you. You can live however you want, but you must always be willing to take the risk. The risk that you may be rich today, and poor tomorrow, or poor today, and poor tomorrow. I said that right. You have to be willing to be poor. Once you let go of the fear that you MAY be poor, you can accomplish anything. You may be poor NO MATTER WHAT. This is no self help, just fact. happens. Seriously, it happens.

Since your reading still , I am going to go on and on.

What do I think the problems with America are? Honestly? The inability of the X/Y generation to face reality. Seriously, not that many people make 25+ an hour. Really, the majority of jobs are minimum wage which I think is under 6 dollars an hour. If I lost my overpaid job, I would be working no less then four jobs to make ends meet. I don't honestly think I would have a hard time finding them. You would find me mowing your lawn, serving your dinner, mixing your cocktails, and babysitting your kids. Not to mention roofing under the table. Seriously. All of that would probably pay rent (I'd have to let the house go, I know), but I would do it. There would be no private school for my kids. No ski team, no figure skating club (I would have to go, I'm an officer LOL), no soccor, no fencing, and I'd most likely sell the really cool keyboard Santa brought. Whatever, it's only stuff, and my girls know it's only stuff. What matters is your willingness to do what it takes.

That was not even related to what I really think the problems with America are. So really, from 15-20 years ago when I wanted to be president: (Look back now, and really dig deep to see my intelligence)
I believe that we need to get rid of the welfare system. The system was designed to alliviate a very specific problem (the depression) and, after the problem was resolved, the welfare system should have been fazed out. So since, it wasn't done, and we are facing base closers, here is my solution. The bases that are being force to close should be turned into welfare communities. Since there is already existing day care, and schools, and stores, this seems like a seamless solution. If you need assistence, you live here to recieve it. The government already ownes these, so there is no extra housing cost, and the schools and stores should offer employment to the assisted before going outside (much like the military).

Anyway, it got much deeper then that. Even then I believed foriegn policy began at home. Please don't read this like I am not charitable, because I truely am, I just believe in the phrase: If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. There are people more poor than we will ever be, and I feel for them.

Iran, don't get me started. But since you have, they have been a terrorist country for as long as I know. Nice they tried democracy. SOOOOO shocking that didn't work out for them. If there is anybody under 50 rioting, they have had every chance to move on with their lives. Manipulating America, good on ya, but we bite back.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Inner Voice

Are the voices in my head bothering you? Well, are they? I don't claim any originality to that line, but it did bring me a flashback.

I was booking a hotel one time, and the gentleman asked me if it was just me. I replied, "I don't know, are you going to charge me extra for the voices in my head?" We both had a good laugh. At least I thought we had a good laugh, but it turned out he charged me double for my free room. I never did get that money back.

As far as rooms I've stayed in worldwide, it was also one of the worst. That includes the 1$ a night room in Bangkok where they forbid "knock-knock", I am sure all five of my readers are smart enough to figure out what they meant by that.

I love catching people off gaurd and making them laugh. I know I am completly corny, I don't care. It's who I am get over it, or walk away, I'm not forcing you to stay.

I especially love catching people on the phone off gaurd. You know, the bored people you call to complain to. I had to close all my credit cards once, cause my boyfriend at the time was making me. So I had to call all of them, and close them. Most of them I kept paid off, and it was before the market crashed, so they were pretty competitive about keeping me. I called one, and the woman asked me my reason for closing. I told her "My signifigant other is making me." She started laughing so hard she snorted. She told me she was supposed to try to get me to stay, but the script didn't have a comeback for that. Before I had responsisblitites I worked in telemarketing, so I knew just what she meant. Anyway, moments like that always make my day.

Here is a little something I hope helps make you laugh today.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Seriously, Vegas, Again? Yes, Vegas, again.

Hello world. I'm amazed that random people might be interested in what I have to say, so I'll try to keep it interesting.

Just got home last night from yet anouther jaunt to Vegas. Good times, bad times, I love them all times.

I am beginning to think in twitter. I think I have a problem, and could possibly need some real world intervention. I think I could use a trip off network. Maybe I should spend next weekend ranching. Very spotty phone service, no wireless, seems like I could be due.

I went to play poker, and I am not usually too social on these trips... This time however, I was happily wisked outside the box, and open to all of life's possibilities.

I didn't play poker too particularily well. Both due to the cards, and the fact that I just was not playing well. I played so much better when I didn't know anything lol.

My Summer was completly locked up, but my Co-Pilot in parenting asked to switch our weekends so he doesn't get screwed out of all of his (he is gone for several of them on work crap). So, it works out pretty well, except that I had stuff planned for the kids. It's all good though, easy changes. Anyway, I have several extra weekends now. I will probably go back for the last weekend in June.

I headed over to the Rio to spectate the WSOP, and was in awe. However, watching this happen just destroyed me!
Doyle Brunson @TexDolly moves all in.

He get's called. His pocket Q's take on AQ, and goes down to the second A. Brutal way to go home at #17!

I headed from there to the 7:00 at the Saraha. Seconds before the dinner break I all in my poket K's, they are easily batted away by A's. Me think's I overbet! Lesson learned!

I couldn't take anymore poker after that, so I decided to do the second best thing in Vegas. Drink! I headed to the #monstervegastweetup in progress at Diablo's at the Monte Carlo. I wasn't sure what to expect walking into a party by myself full of people I followed at 120 characters, and I was uncomfortable to say the least. I was immediately put at ease, donned a name tag, and started guzzeling 5$ Margies. Met Mike who stared at my boobs/name tag for a second. Then I met Cassandra who I moved to the bar and shared Nachos with. Turned out I was standing next to some other fellow Utahans I had played BJ with earlier, and our end of the bar turned into one heck of alot of fun. I stayed for a couple of Margies after Cassandra left, but did leave before I drank anybody to the "hot enough to sleep with" level. Much to the dismay of the guy who had been hitting on me for the last hour. I even got up and danced a bit, which was nice and fun.

I headed over to the MGM, and after a mirror/self photo check decided I looked sober enough for some cash games. I put on sunglasses and copped a coffee just in case though. I had a great time, and it seemed like poker was my friend again. I even finally learned how to shuffle my chips (thanks nice Asian guy next to me), and raked in a few very nice pots (thanks chatty OK guy who changed seats to steal blinds from bully two seats to my right). Then I hit a straight flush at the 3 card before calling it a night at about 5:30.

Sunday was not so nice to me though, but I can't blame poker too much since I only played one tournament, and it was 65. There my pocket K's ran into J's and of course, he rivered a set. I tanked at table games, and had to get more cash. MGM properties computers were down, so after two cab rides I walked over to the Tropicana for cash influx. I played my favorite slots (I am like a rat in a drug trial with my freaking habits), and they were, as usually, very nice to me. Then I crossed back to the MGM where a 3 card straight Flush and a three of a kind made sure I went home flush again.

All in all, I had a great time. I cultivated some new friends, that I hope grow into great friendships.

In closing I leave you with my Las Vegas WTF moment of ponderance:

yes, I'm pretty sure he is maybe 10, and no, I don't know what is in the glass, and NO he does not belong to me lol..

Also, Doyle @TexDolly I hope we do get that drink someday, and not in the booty call sorta way, cause I know you were completly kidding about that.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend in Vegas

I just got back from an extended weekend in Vegas. You might ask, did I have fun? I sure tried. It wasn't cheap. I wasn't going to gamble, just play poker. Turned out the gambling tried to pay for the poker. Funny, it's usually the other way around. I did get a three card straight flush from my favorite dealer at the MGM Kim. They don't let you take pictures, otherwise I would post one. She always brightens any trip I take to Vegas. I usually stay at the MGM, so we have spent some time together.

I played some poker at the Hard Rock, nice room, full of Canadian dealers (playing, not dealing), and they kicked my ass. Wish I could say I learned something, but I think my only lesson may have only been, never play poker against Canadian dealers. At least not when the cards aren't going your way.

I played the seven o'clock at the Sahara. Crappy hotel, but I love playing poker there. I was killing it, and coming out of the second break I was almost double all remaining players chipstacks. My table broke, and of course I end up at the table with the only two players left who are pretty equal to my chipstack. I made a couple calls that drew dead, and lost my blinds lol. Alex, the dealer from my fleacing at the Hard Rock was one of the other high stacks. She went heads up with my other threat, and busted. Seemed allright to me, since she saw me get my ass handed to me earlier, and probably had a good read on me. Table broke again, down to final two. 118 players, and 70 rebuys, so final ten paid. I was medium stacked by then, but with 18 left, all I really needed to do was stay out of it till 8 more busted. A few at my table were close, and poker was just starting to get good. I got pocket Q's. I called, and the other end of the table raised all in. I knew he was just buying the blinds and the few that called. I should have gone all in instead of cheacking, that or folded. Of course I call with my lovely ladies, and he turns over KJ off suit. My luck gave out and he rivers a K. Well played. I couldn't even call it a bad beat, just better luck. It was alright though, I had won 110 bucks on the penny slot while I was waiting for the tourny to start, so it was really the cheapest four hours I spent in Vegas.

After that I don't know how I passed the time, but late (or early) I went out to catch a cab to the Stratosphere. Ghettoish I know, but it was last minute, so I took what I got. Anywho, I waited 15 mins for a cab, and when one finally come, and I tell the driver I'm going to the Stratosphere, he started yelling at me. Seriously. Insulting me, and calling me a lazy ass for not walking. I don't even think I would take that walk at night with a gun. I did it the night before because I reconized one of the other poker players from a game I was in at the Stratosphere, so I suggested we walk together instead of waiting for a cab. We were harassed by more then three very scary seeming vagrants, so I decided NOT to do that again. Any way, this driver was the biggest douch in douch ville. I was so ticked when he slammed on the brakes and I hit my head on the door. It was 5.10, and I handed him 6.00, he started yelling at me about tipping him. I got money, he says, I shouldn't be so cheap..... I just slammed the door. Really hard. Man he was such a douch. I am a really good tipper, min 20-30%, but you earn what your worth. I don't think Karma was too mad at me, I doubled up at three card table, and finally made the stearnest dealer in Vegas break out laughing. It made up for it anyway, we all had a good laugh.

Vegas should hire me, I can really fill up a table, and get everyone having a good time. People usually stand around waiting for seats. This dealer Corinne (I'm pretty sure), was so stern. China, her tag said. She would not look may way, or respond to anything I said. I was winging the wit around too. People were trying not to laugh, and some of them were down about the cards of course. At one point I stuck my tounge out. Not with malice though, just quick and playful, with cross eyes. She didn't see me of course, but everyone else did. My luck was coldish, I wasn't really going either way. Finally she turns over 569. I'm the last seat, so I start up. Ohhh, I don't know, it's gonna be a race, but I think I gottcha. I think I'm gonna bust that hand wide open. I play blind, so I hadn't seen my hand. But her hand didn't open, so we all pushed, so I was just blowing smoke. Anyway, she busted out laughing so hard she snorted. I guess she had been keeping it in for a while. I knew I was funny. Man remind me not to play poker with her. Of course then the table really livened up, and we all started winning.

At some point I went to Dick's in Excalibur. I like their half bucket of shrimp, everything else is a bit of a rip. My kids like it cause of the stupid hats. Of course the girls weren't with me, so I sat at the bar, and talked poker with Aaron.

Got semi-mooned by a loud obnoxious guy, Taco I think, wearing a G-String. So I leave you with this.

What happens in Vegas, rarely stays in Vegas. Sometime it does though lol ;-)